Built by Hunslet in 1952,  0-6-0ST WD190 returned to service at the weekend after an absence of 5 years.  In that time she has been overhauled by our own Steam Restoration Volunteers (fondly known as The Eccentrics!)
The motion has been stripped, bearings remade, and the boiler was removed.  Some of the specialist work needed to be undertaken by a contractor off-site but most of the work was completed at Caste Hedingham.  The next project is another of our own engines - Jupiter.  

A big Thank You to all the volunteers involved in working on WD190 - a great job well done.


  1. WD190 looks just great. Well done to all the team that worked on her over the last couple of years. What a relief ot must be to have her back.

    Kind regards to all

    Brian in Canada


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