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Well another year has swiftly gone and seen changes at the Railway. On the operating front, we had visiting steam locos in the shape of J72 69023 'Joem' Peckett 2000 and Thomas, whilst Castle Donington No.1 has remained on loan from the Midland Railway Centre. Resident engines Victory and WD 190 both had boilers go away for major work. Work on both is progressing and they should be steaming before too long. What was a temporary engine shed last year is now a carriage shed, the generator van has been painted to match the Pullman carriages it works with, other carriages are being repainted and the class 121 Bubble car and its trailer car have also been re-painted. The model railway shed was opened and in operation most days, this is proving to be very popular as is the miniature railway which has taken delivery of another container for storage. The garden railway has had new track laid and seen different engines running. We had several special events which were well attended