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Congratulations to a team from Blackwater Preservation who pulled WD190 through the station area today to raise funds for the Dystonia Society. Many of the team regularly come to our events with fire engines, and Railway volunteer Natalie Halls also joined in. Pulling a 50 tonne loco uphill is not an easy thing to do but the team put all their effort into pulling the loco.


What a busy Summer, and how quickly it seemed to pass! Visitor numbers were up considerably for both July and August and September seems to be going the same way.  It's good to see so many people on site enjoying themselves. We were featured on BBC1 series A Taste Of Britain, this was filmed in July but we were asked not to name the programme until after it had aired on 9th September.  Brian Turner and Janet Street Porter spent a couple of hours on site. Work has started on WD200 with the boiler tubes being removed ready for inspection - roll on the day when we have two Austerity saddle tanks working together.