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At long last Syd has the shed he has waited many years for. What started out as an engine shed has been moved over the hedge, extended to contain a full length of carriage and widened to include a walkway around all sides. No more squeezing down the sides being harnessed to the framework for Ashley either. We will probably find the pair of them in their harnesses swinging from the roof celebrating the fact that have room to work (and play)


Lovely sight today - Victory in steam for the first time in about 10 years. It may have been coming out of the front end of the boiler and not the chimey but it is a positive sign that hopefully this little loco will be back in action within months rather than years. The frames of WD190 have had the scaffolding removed from around them and they look shiny and new.


Work has started this week on replacing some of the timbers on the footbridge. It is hoped to get the first stage completed so we can open the bridge in time for the Thomas events in June. The toilet block on Halstead platform is also being refreshed. This Sunday, 15th May we have a Diesel Gala. Expected to be working are Classes 03, 31, 121 and 141.