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CV&HR 150

Peckett 2000 and N7 69621 Glorious weather and two engines in steam - what a great combination.  Peckett 2000 worked a freight train, 69621 worked the passenger train and the 121 bubble car also ran. Local artist Malcolm Root brought some of his paintings along and there was a display documenting the history of the Colne Valley & Halstead Railway.  Volunteers from the East Anglian Railway Museum also attended the weekend. 69621 approaching Nunnery

N7 69621 ARRIVES

  N7 69621 arrived today from East Anglian Railway Museum at Chappel & Wakes Colne. Should be in steamthis weekend for our Colne Valley & Halstead Railway 150th Anniversary event.

N7 69621 FOR CV&HR 150

It has been confirmed that East Anglian Railway Museum owned N7 69621 will spend the weekend of 26/27 May with us for the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the Colne Valley & Halstead Railway through to Great Yeldham.


WD190 today had the boiler put back in place, next step is getting the tank back on and steam testing.  Good to see it going back together. When I asked what was needed to get her back steaming it was made to sound very easy - good job I know otherwise! Once the lorry had finished with WD190, the boiler was lifted from RSH 0-6-0ST Jupiter.  This 1950 built loco will be the next project when WD190 is finished.